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I got the laptop and opened up my site for meeting guys, showing Pauline some more guys in our area, sending of a few messages to the best ones, one she really liked was a dark guy, who lived some miles away, but was worth a try. we also put a picture of her for him to see.

Hentai: (C93) [skylader (skylader)] HaraiSaber Hon (Fate/stay night) [English]

HaraiSaber Hon 1HaraiSaber Hon 2HaraiSaber Hon 3HaraiSaber Hon 4HaraiSaber Hon 5HaraiSaber Hon 6HaraiSaber Hon 7HaraiSaber Hon 8HaraiSaber Hon 9HaraiSaber Hon 10HaraiSaber Hon 11HaraiSaber Hon 12HaraiSaber Hon 13HaraiSaber Hon 14

(C93) [skylader (すかいれーだー)]腹いセイバー本(Fate/stay night) [英訳]

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