Part 2 – Lina's Roasting Now?

“If I don’t get out of this im really screwed” Lina said to herself as the man with the spit pushed it deeper into her pussy causing her to scream out in pain, “grrr why cant I use my magic” Lina though as she struggled and tried to get her pussy away from the sharp spit that was starting to tear into her, “I bet your wondering why you cant use your magic on me and my men, well you see here this is a special spit, it was created to be used on sorceress's just like yourself to completely drain you of your magic and allow us to roast you free of worry” the man said as Lina could feel the spit going deeper and deeper. Click to watch more Gourry Stopped next to Lina, “I don’t know” He said as he pulled his bag from his shoulder and placed it on the ground and from it pulled the spit that had been used on Lina, “I couldn’t use any of my magic while that thing was in me” Lina said taking the long steel pole from Gourry's hands, “looks ordinary enough” Gourry replied, “But no ordinary spit could cause me to lose my magic like this one did, it must have some kind of magic inhibiting spell on it” Lina said, Lina thinking hard, “So that’s why Naga didn't wake up and try to blast me when I used it to cook her” Lina said to herself almost out of earshot of Gourry but not far enough, “You used this spit on another girl before those bandits used it on you?, and you said your not evil” Gourry replied, “Well she was no saint either trust me the world is better now that she is gone” Lina replied.


たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 1たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 2たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 3たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 4たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 5たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 6たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 7たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 8たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 9たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 10たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 11たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 12たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 13たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 14たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 15たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 16たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 17たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 18たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 19たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 20たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 21たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 22たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 23たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 24たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 25たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 26たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 27たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 28たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 29たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 30たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 31たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 32たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 33たべちゃうぞ!!~TABECHAUZO~ 34


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