[Ringoya (Alp)] C100 Omakebon (Various) [English] [WataTL & Head Empty] [Digital]

“Ha, ha, ha and what would that be?” he laughed out as he slunk back on his elbows and pointed his long tanned legs out beside mine and then added, “Sucking on my cock no doubt!”

It stunned me that he said that, because that is exactly what I had dreamed a couple of times. Click here to continue Even if I truly wanted to suck your dick, I wouldn't give you that kind of ammo.

Hentai: [Ringoya (Alp)] C100 Omakebon (Various) [English] [WataTL & head empty] [Digital]

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[リンゴヤ (あるぷ)]C100 おまけ本(よろず) [英訳] [DL版]

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