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Petersen,” Becky said sweetly, “both Dana and I are having trouble with those proofs you assigned last night, do you think you could give us a little help with them, we'd really appreciate it!?!” Becky made sure she bent over just enough to give her teacher a good view of her ample chest through and opening in her partially unbuttoned blouse, and true to from, his eyes were riveted on her boobs and not on her face!!! “Ahem,” he stammered, “of course I can help you, show me what exactly you're having trouble with!!!” Becky slid around behind the desk and opened her book to the page on logarithmic proofs while “accidentally” pressing her chest against his arm!!! She babbled on for a minute or two, asking the most inane questions while leaning harder and harder against his arm, until she faked losing her balance and falling to the floor and holding her ankle!!!

She cried out in pain, and while holding her lower leg whimpered, “I-I think it's broken, can you help me, Mr. Petersen,” she then said in her best baby talk, “I think you're staring at my panties, shame on you!!!” “Uh, oh no,” he stammered, “I was just, you know, rubbing your leg, does it feel better now,” he asked huskily!?! “Now, now,” she replied, “you know you were staring, what color am I wearing, white, blue, or pink, you know the answer, tell me now!?!” “I-I don't know,” he said as his voice trailed off!!”Mr.

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小甜猪猪 – 和泉纱雾

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