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I woke up about an hour later to moaning noises,dad must be dreaming, as i lay on my side with his arm around me,i felt his cock pressing between the cheeks of my ass,i dare not move,i just froze,was he sleeping? suddenly dad started snoring so yes he was asleep,
his cock seemed to get harder,i could feel the heat from it too,i started to feel my pussy tingle and get wet,i was getting turned on at dads cock pushing against my ass,i tried to ignore it but i couldnt,i was getting so horny,all i could think about was his cock. Info link XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
I started to moan a little getting more and more turned on, i didnt even notice that dad had stopped snoring, then all of a sudden his hand started to caress my tits, i froze a little then dad spoke, “your turning me on baby girl, hearing you moan makes me want you” i said nothing but pushed my ass to his cock, he started to slide his cock over my ass, my breathing became heavier and so did his.

Hentai: [Midori Niku] エアC83エア新刊 可哀想なルナサさん (Touhou Project)

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