Flashing Maki Harukawa - Danganronpa

“What were you going to do now”? Thought we would watch a bit of TV” “Oh” “Why did you ask”? “Nothing really, I was just thinking of having a shower and wondered if you both would, “No, I’m sure you wouldn’t” Tony looked at me and we both looked at his mom, “Wouldn’t what mom”? “I was just wondering if you both would like to have one with me”? “You’re joking mom”? “What do you think”? She then went into the bathroom and we just stood out on the landing looking at each other, we heard the shower start running then “What are you going to do boys”? I was seconds behind Tony in stripping off, we both had hard on’s and with shaky legs we walked into the bathroom, Heather was in the shower, seeing us she pushed the door open, we stepped in. To be continued.

Hentai: [BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa

[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 0[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 1[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 2[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 3[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 4[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 5[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 6[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 7[BraveBengal] Maki Harukawa 8

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