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“Take off you bra, child,” ordered her teacher, “and we'll find out exactly what size you should be wearing!” With her breasts now bare in the cool office air, Millie's nipples stood out like two little erections, practically begging to be sucked! “You have beautiful nipples, dear,” said Andrea, “just the type that men love to suck on, it would be a shame to have them attached to saggy boobs!!!” Andrea took her time measuring the young girl's chest, taking the opportunity to feel and caress the supple tit flesh! When her fingers and hands would brush her nipples, Millie would involuntarily gasp, unable to control the sexual urges flowing through her! After the fitting, Andrea had Millie sit back down, but told her to leave her top off, as it would be necessary for her breasts to be naked for the next part of the meeting!

Returning to her chair, Andrea continued on, “Your mother also informs me that you masturbate at least once a day, is that about right!?!” Now blushing profusely, the eighteen year old Millie just nodded her head yes! “Don't be embarrassed in the least,” Andrea said gently, “masturbation is a wonderful way to ease the excitement in your vagina, and your mother also informs me that you like to watch your parents making love, and masturbating while doing it!!!” Millie, in a small voice, only answers, “Yes, ma'am!” ?”Do you like watching your mother service your father,” Andrea asked!?! “Oh, yes,” Millie replied, “she loves taking care of daddy's penis, and usually she lets him cum in her mouth!!!” “Well, that brings me to the next part of our discussion,” Andrea said quietly, “your mother is quite adamant that when you marry, that your future husband have a large if not huge penis, she says that your father is quite well hung, and that you seem to be very enamored with his full erection, and I must say that I agree with her wholeheartedly, for a woman, sex is much more enjoyable if her man has a very large erection!!!” “The only drawback to this is that a large penis usually means a very large sexual appetite,” Andrea went on, “and it will be up to you to make sure that he is always sexually taken care of, no matter what!!!” “This is very important, in that if you don't take care of it, someone else will,” she intoned, “and that would indeed be tragic, because once you have experienced a truly large penis, you can never be satisfied with a small one, it just won't do the trick!”

Andrea pushed the intercom button on her desk and told her secretary to send in Danny Waters. “I've just been going over your records, and it seems you are doing very well in high school,” intoned Mrs.

Hentai: [Karasu Chan] Suki Kirai Daisuki (COMIC GAIRA Vol. 03) [English] [tracesnull]

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[カラスちゃん]好き・嫌い・大好き(COMIC 外楽 Vol.03) [英訳]

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