(C92) [Tekireiki Ni Shokuchuudoku (Sawamura Ao)] Aoba-chan Omachikaeri (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Its been a very hot summers day, all day you have been working in the garden overheating, sweating, getting very sticky in your clothes, as the evening starts to draw in you decide to take a shower to freshen up once out of the shower you slip on a thin night gown that comes down just below you bum, you have no underwear on you leave it unbuttoned a little just showing the tops of your lovely breasts you go pour yourself a strong ice cold drink full of ice cubes you drink it very quickly so you go get another that too you drink very quickly, after half way through the third glass you can feel the start of the tipsiness coming you go and sit at the table your laptop is in front of you,

the table is quite near to the rear door of the house as you sit there you look out of the window and see that it is nice and dark outside, sitting there you start becoming all hot again so you decide to open the back door to let some air in to cool you down. .

Hentai: (C92) [Tekireiki ni Shokuchuudoku (Sawamura Ao)] Aoba-chan Omachikaeri (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 1Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 2Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 3Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 4Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 5Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 6Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 7Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 8Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 9Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 10Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 11Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 12Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 13Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 14Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 15Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 16Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 17Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 18Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 19Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 20Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 21Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 22Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 23Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 24Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 25Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 26Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 27Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 28Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 29Aoba-chan Omachikaeri 30

(C92) [適齢期に食中毒 (沢村青)]青葉ちゃんお持ち帰り(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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