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we broke from the kiss and I just let good dropped on my knees grab is cock and began stroking it my mouth stated to water so I put my tongue out and licked it I put it in my mouth and felt it throb in my mouth I started to bob my head down and take all of his 8in cock I gagged on it I wanted to suck he dry after a minute of sucking cock I realized I like to do this he grab my head and kept me on rhythm he started to shake in and exploded in my mouth I almost choked it shot right down my throat I took it out my mouth and more shot out on my face it was so much and everywhere but I wasn’t done I wanted more of his cock I don’t know like the hunger took over me and I started to suck some more I look up and said make me your cock slave and put it in my mouth again
He was soft but I like to suck so I still had it in my mouth sucking till he got hard again and told him to fuck me I told him this was I’m first time so take it slow I jumped on the bed and I arched my back and put my ass in the air and he slowly to my manhood and made me a sissy boy this continued for weeks now he fucked my brain out and I sucked him dry. till this day I miss her but anyways in October I had to move back in with my mom this sucked cause she is controlling so I would sit in my room all day in the dark sometimes looking at porn or play video games I guess you could say I was depressed so I stated to go to school again to better my self and get a good job so I can move out

Class started in November I was ready for a new adventure after a couple of classes I was doing good so far I find some friends I did homework with I stopped looking so depressed now I would go out more meeting new people I was feeling good but that didn’t last long my mom kicked me out so I was living in my car and I stated feeling bad again I stayed in school though but I started drinking more alcohol getting really wasted I was spiraling down hill fast so one night I was at a kickback with all my friends looking to get drunk but they started to lecture me about my drinking I said fuck that and left went to a bar and continue to drink at the bar.

Hentai: PIXIV-95446934

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