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Sometimes I would be into jerking off so vigorously that my hand would slip off of my cock and force my knuckles into the wall, when that would happen I would quickly run back into my room in case they heard it and came to look. Ok, so I've told a few friends about this particular incident and this is the part where I tell them that I immediately ejected the tape, put it back where I got it, never touched his pornos again and that I was scarred for life while laughing it off.

Hentai: (C76) [Pakupikubon (Naizou Chimuko)] Tebanashi Taiyou (Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro)

Tebanashi Taiyou 1Tebanashi Taiyou 2Tebanashi Taiyou 3Tebanashi Taiyou 4Tebanashi Taiyou 5Tebanashi Taiyou 6Tebanashi Taiyou 7Tebanashi Taiyou 8Tebanashi Taiyou 9Tebanashi Taiyou 10Tebanashi Taiyou 11Tebanashi Taiyou 12Tebanashi Taiyou 13Tebanashi Taiyou 14Tebanashi Taiyou 15Tebanashi Taiyou 16Tebanashi Taiyou 17Tebanashi Taiyou 18Tebanashi Taiyou 19Tebanashi Taiyou 20Tebanashi Taiyou 21Tebanashi Taiyou 22Tebanashi Taiyou 23Tebanashi Taiyou 24Tebanashi Taiyou 25Tebanashi Taiyou 26Tebanashi Taiyou 27Tebanashi Taiyou 28Tebanashi Taiyou 29Tebanashi Taiyou 30

(C76) [パクピクボン (内蔵チムコ)]てばなしたいよう(魔人探偵脳噛ネウロ)

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